Instructor's Marsha Steeves ACTA CITC WPICC and Harumi Suzuki WPICC
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Marsha Steeves ACTA CITC WPICC and Harumi Suzuki WPICC
Marsha Steeves ACTA CITC WPICC and Harumi Suzuki WPICC

About the Instructors

Marsha Steeves is renowned within her Industry and has built a long lasting reputation in the field of Travel. She has had the good fortune of a most rewarding and fulfilling career in the Travel Industry of over 30 years. She has travelled to over 40 countries and can attest that "Travel" has truly been her "University Without Walls!" She holds credentials with Nationwide Travel College and has her A.C.T.A./C.I.T.C Travel Certifications. As well she is a Certified Wedding Planner with W.P.I.C.

Marsha strongly believes that "Knowledge" is Key! She has worked closely, over the years with the Travel and Tourism College as a past part time instructor and had the opportunity to design a course on selling Cruises. She finds it very rewarding to share her Industry experience with the students and enjoys consulting and inspiring them to achieve their goals! Wishing for them the same fulfillment she has received from this exciting Industry.

In addition Marsha finds the time to share her knowledge and experience through writing. She has had numerous articles published in wedding magazines, newspapers and online on the topic of Travel/Wedding, offering tips and information on destinations and resorts.

Marsha attributes her Success to her "Passion and Purpose!" She understands that her Couples have high expectations and are putting great trust in her to ensure they have a flawless and Memorable Destination Wedding experience. And for her, a reward of a job well done!

It is Marsha's intention and desire that each student investing in this course will find the tools they need and be inspired to strive for their "Best" so they too can begin to write their Success Story!

MSDW is proud to have "Harumi Suzuki" as our In-House Wedding Planner & Part Time Instructor. Harumi is well known and recognized for her Signature Weddings and has over 10 years of wedding planning experience. She is well loved by her Brides and has the ability to instantly connect and share their vision. Harumi was previously the lead instructor and program manager for the wedding and event management program at Vancouver Community College where students have been inspired by her talent and wealth of knowledge. She currently is the lead instructor for the Wedding Planning course at Langara College.

Destination Wedding Specialist -Travel & Wedding Planning!

You will receive comprehensive training from Industry professionals with over 40 years of combined expertise in their field. Instruction in both “Travel” and “Wedding” Planning. We provide training and tools on how to market yourself and promote destination weddings. You will enjoy learning about the most popular wedding destinations and top selling resorts from Industry professionals. Practice booking procedures, learn airport city codes, phonics codes and International time. Become familiar with the legal Marriage Requirements of different countries. Become aware of things that can go wrong, learn how to handle them when they do go wrong and most importantly practice prevention.

You will want to immerse yourself in our “Cultural Study,” where you will learn about interesting traditions and wedding etiquette of many cultures. Hear from the Industries best, the latest photography and cinematography techniques. Study procedures for Airport Departures. You will be inspired by unique stationery and favor ideas for destination brides. Become familiar with the latest trends in destination bridal wear. In our “Be Social” class you will have the opportunity to develop marketing skills and take advantage of the latest platforms and networks to help grow your business.

In our “Marketing Class" you will take all you have learned and we will help you build your tool box, design your business plan and put you on your way to a successful career as a “Destination Wedding Specialist.” All students making a minimum mark of 70% will receive a certificate as recognition. At the end of the course all Students will have the opportunity to view the "Business in a Box Presentation." An opportunity to put your training into practice, get "Your" Business going so you can start writing 'Your" Success Story!

Student Testimonial:

"I took Marsha Steeves Wedding Academy and am happy to say I was pleased with the experience. I got more insight on travel procedures and how to plan and organize a destination wedding. Marsha was a great instructor with patience and great knowledge in the field. There was not a question that she left unanswered. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to complete it in house or online!"     - Susan

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Course Contents

3 Videos
16 Texts
81 Presentations
37.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Business in a box